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UK Rating: Rated 15(click rating for explanation)
Running Time: 110mins
Director: Rob Bowman
Stars: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, William B Davis, John Nelville
Opens: August 21st
Website Address:

The X Files - Fight The Future is the long awaited debut of FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully onto the big screen. Although the X Files cast and crew are no strangers to "feature length" episodes which are normally split over two consecutive weeks when screened on TV, this is the first time they have had the opportunity to take the cha racters to more expensive locations and use more complicated special effects.

The film starts where the last season (Series 5) left off. If you haven't got the luxury of Sky One on Cable or Satellite at home you may find yourself a little lost at the beginning. Three vital episodes in Series 5 that lead up to the film have yet to be screened on terrestrial television, (although the episodes in question - "Patient X" and "The End" are available to rent or buy on video.)

Even putting this to one side you still need to have a basic knowledge of all the main characters in the series, as the film heads straight into the story with no customary character building. All in all this could leave X Files "virgins" at least a little confused.

But enough of the background - what is the film like? Unlike many X Files plot lines the story is pretty fast paced and action packed. After an initial plot thickening and quite gruesome opening scene, the story sees Mulder and Scully called out to the FBI building in Dallas looking for a terrorist bomb. After the events in Dallas, (which I will not divulge here for fear of ruining the story) the film begins a rollercoaster ride involving an Alien Virus, conspiracy plots, and a secret organisation who are determined on stopping the two agents finding the truth.

Location wise the film travels between various locations including Dallas, London and Antarctica - and the special effects that are utilised within these locations are first rate. It has always been a trademark of the X Files to show very little when it comes to Alien lifeforms - normally shrouded in darkness, and only briefly popping out of the shadows for us to wonder what's going on. Not so in this movie! These aliens are as "in your face" as you can handle, and they have some very nasty habits too.

You will find yourself on the edge of your seat on more than one occasion - I guarantee it. The film also acts as a very nice bridge between Series 5 and 6. I'm glad to see that the screenplay by Chris Carter (the writer of the X Fi les series) has taken advantage of the extra flexibility offered to him by writing a 2hr movie rather than a 45min TV episode.

In summary if you watch TV series - you will love the movie, and that is reflected on my part by the rating. If you don't follow the TV series you may find it a less rewarding experience.

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