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UK Rating: Rated PG(click rating for explanation)
Running Time: 2hrs (approx.)
Director: Peter Weir
Stars: Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich, Natascha McElhone, Holland Taylor, Brian Delate and Ed Harris
Opens: 9th October 98
Website Address:

I have to admit I'm not a fan of Jim Carrey! His previous movies like Ace Ventura Pet Detective and The Mask have portrayed him as loud, whacky, and in my view - not at all funny. In this film however you will see a whole new person. There are no funny looks at the camera, no face pulling, and certainly no overacting.

In this movie Carrey plays the part of Frank Trueman, a man who has unknowingly had his whole life broadcast on worldwide TV. Adopted by Christof (Ed Harris) a network TV producer, Trueman has been raised on a huge TV Soundstage filled with hidden cameras, and actors who pretend to be his friends and and family.

Truman's unsettling, darkly funny world is a kind of waking nightmare unlike anything ever previously created on film. This perverse mirror of millennium America speaks directly to our innermost fears and frustrations. Truman is not only preyed upon by a network of electronic spies, he is literally trapped in his own life by the surreal existence in which he has been forced to spend every one of his thirty years.

Finally realising that he is caught like a butterfly in a jar, Truman determines that his single aim must be to escape Seahaven no matter what the cost. But he has not yet reckoned with the power of Christof (Ed Harris), who conceived the show and has produced, directed and supervised it throughout its entire run. Nor has he faced up to his greatest fears, which may be even more effective than the God-like Christof in keeping him a prisoner in Seahaven.

My only critisism of this film is that the story ploughs in with no introduction. And if you had no knowledge of the film's story - you would be left somewhat confused for the first hour or so. Overall though this is a hugely enjoyable "feel good" film which is sure to be a success.

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