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BBFC Film Ratings

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'U' (Universal) - Suitable for All

Contains no theme, scene, action or dialogue that could be construed as disturbing, harmful or offensive. Thus, the work could not be described as unsuitable for persons of any age.

'PG' (Parental Guidance) - General Viewing,
But Some Scenes May Be Unsuitable
for Young Children

Mild violence; occasional brief non-sexual nudity; bed scenes but no serious suggestion of actual sexual activity; limited scatological language, but no sexual expletives; no drug use or condoning of immoral behaviour unless mitigated by context (e.g. comedy); no undue emphasis on weapons (e.g. flick-knives).

'12' (Suitable Only for Persons of
Twelve Years and Over)

Implications of sex (within a relationship or in a humorous context); stronger language, but only a rare sexual expletive; more realistic violence limited in length and intensity, but no drug use.

'15' (Suitable Only for Persons of
Fifteen Years and Over)

Themes requiring a more mature understanding. Full-frontal nudity in a non-sexual context; impressionistic sex; more extensive use of expletives; mildly graphic violence and horror with some gore. Soft drugs may be seen in use, but not so as to condone or normalise. As with categories above, no details of harmful or criminal techniques, e.g. how to break into cars, pick locks, etc.

'18' (Suitable Only for Persons of
Eighteen Years and Over)

Themes requiring an adult understanding (e.g. complex sexual relationships, controversial religious subjects); explicit simulated sex (or in some educational contexts real sex); full nudity in a sexual context; unglamorised use of hard drugs when justified by characterisation or narrative; frequent use of sexual expletives; graphic violence, provided that it does not encourage sadistic pleasure or glamorise dangerous weapons.

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