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UK Rating: Rated PG(click rating for explanation)
Running Time: 125min
Director: Stephen Hopkins
Stars: William Hurt, Gary Oldman, Matt Le Blanc,
Mimi Rogers, Heather Graham.
Opens: July 31st
Website Address:

Billed as one of this summer's blockbusters this movie had alot to live up to. The first of the year's 60's TV conversions, Lost In Space opened with more than a whimper than a bang; maybe not such a bad thing after the over-hyped Godzilla.

And live up to it it truly does. The cast are exceptional, and although it only has a very simple storyline the movie has some superb special effects. As mentioned before the film is based on the 1960's series of the same name, and it has converted very well.

Hurt plays Proffessor Robinson, (Dad to you and me!) head of the family destined to go on a 10 year mission to another world to help the dying Earth of the future. With Mom (Mimi Rogers) and 3 kids (Will Robinson included) they head off into space with Major West (Matt LeBlanc) piloting the ship. At this point I must say that I was impressed with how well Le Blanc carried the role as the gung-ho pilot. Being a regular viewer of Friends it was hard to imagine how he could shake off the type casting of the slightly dippy Joey Tribiani.

Of course Lost In Space wouldn't be Lost In Space without Dr Zachary Smith, (Gary Oldman) the faithful Robot, and of course the cast getting lost. I won't say any more about the story - beacuse it would spoil it for you! Needless to say that on thier journey they come across some nasty spider like aliens and one or two other things.

The action and special effects are non-stop, Oldman gets to ham it in his usual villanious way, and the story jogs along quite happily for just over 2hrs.

Apart from that I'm not sure what to say - it's a fun movie, don't expect too much from the script, and be entertained.

With the entire cast already signed up for two (yes two!) more sequels, let's hope the emphasis is on quality and not quantity.

One final point to mention though; if at all possible see the movie in a Cinema with Dolby Digital, it's loud and well worth it!!!

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