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UK Rating:

Rated Cert 18(click rating for explanation)

Running Time:

122 mins


Peter Hyams.


Arnie Schwarzenegger, Robyn Tunney, Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollak, Rod Stieger.

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It's nearly Christmas and you know what that means - yes turkey! Not in the "on the table and served with stuffing" sense either! We are talking turkey in the "ooh so bad movie" sense! Arnie Schwarzenegger has been off the big screen for 2 years - if this is his best he can do in that time I think he should wait another 2 years before trying again!

You may think I'm being a bit harsh on the old guy - but this is a truly awful film. Stuck somewhere between the "Action" and "Horror" genre, you feel yourself desperately waiting for the end to come hoping that it will get better, but alas it doesn't.

So what's the movie all about? Well it's your "End Of Millennium - Devil is going to take over the world" kind of storyline, with an investment banker played by Gabriel Byrne being possessed by the Devil. Byrne needs to mate with a woman who bares the mark of the Lucifer (Tunney) during the last hour of the Millennium.

By the time the scruffy, suicidally depressed Arnold Schwarzenegger is introduced (in a depression/hang-over scene where he contemplates putting a bullet in his head), it was all I could do to keep from begging that he go through with it. Anything to not have to watch the rest of this movie. No such luck - Arnie holsters the gun, and before long he's hanging from a helicopter trying to snatch a sniper off a rooftop. And so it goes on, and on, and on. Filled with mindless gore and explosions - one ridiculous action sequence after another - Arnie and Byrne battle it out for the girl.

I couldn't help but feel the similarity between Byrne's character and the one played by Al Pachino in "Devil's Advocate", and the whole film seems to try and take on an atmosphere not too unlike that in "Seven". The only difference being that both "Devils Advocate" and "Seven" were both quite good movies!

Easily one of the worst movies of 1999, "End of Days" is truly awful!

Star Rating:

(2 out of 5) - Below Average

Cowpat Rating:

(5 out of 5) - What a pile of poo !

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