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Ricardo R. Moreno , Eduardo Sanchez , Daniel Myrick and Neal Fredericks.


Heather Donahue , Michael Williams , Joshua Leonard , Bob Griffith, Jim King.



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Billed as being "the scariest movie of all time", The Blair Witch Project has had a lot to hype to live up to.

The film is composed entirely of reportedly "found" footage shot by three missing college students who made a journey to the woods of Western Maryland in 1994 with the purpose of making a documentary about a "witch" of local legend who is linked to murders and mysterious occurrences spanning 200 years. It begins with footage of the crew leaving their homes and testing their equipment, but before we know it, they are lost deep in the endless woods, with the voices of screaming children piercing the blackness from off in the distance. Things get worse from there when the three students loose their map, their sanity, and any hope of finding a way home.

With the initial confusion about whether the film was "real" or a work of fiction put aside, the movie fails to deliver in many areas. However don't let my comments put you off going to see it, as it is a unique piece of film and undoubtably will achieve cult status.

The only part of the film I can truly say I found scary is the closing sequence which I shall not reveal, but ultimately I left the cinema thinking "was that it !".

All I can suggest to you is go see the movie with an open mind. Don't expect to have the pants scared off you, and don't get caught up in the media hype surrounding the film.

With two sequels in the offing a single cowpat has been awarded to this movie for being over-hyped and failing to deliver until the last 10minutes.

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