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Rated 12(click rating for explanation)

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Michael Apted


Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Robert Carlisle, Denise Richards, Serena Scott, Dame Judy Dench.



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Bond is back in the 19th outing of this popular series based on Ian Flemming's original stories.

The best parts of Bond movies often come before the title credits, and this film is no exception. In fact, the opening is one of the most exciting ever, featuring a boat chase on the River Thames ending up at the Millennium Dome.

As always, the plot of this Bond flick is so complicated that it may take some viewers the full 2 hrs just to figure it out. The storyline is about oil, pipelines, terrorists and a nasty guy named Renard (Carlisle) who has a bullet in his head. As the wonderfully named medical expert Dr. Holly Warmflash explains, Renard is slowly losing all his senses.

Unfortunately, Renard is the latest in a line of forgettable Bond villains who haven't been able to reach the villanious heights of Blofeld and Goldfinger. The film fails to do much with his pain-free condition, and never really lets Carlyle show off his acting skills.

There is another major villain in this movie, one whose appearance comes as a surprise. This heartless enemy is prone to sadism - including one truly shocking line about the erotic powers of strangulation (yikes!).

All in all this is a fun filled (if not slightly complicated) 2hrs of entertainment. In my view not as good as it's predecessor - but is still well worth popping along to see.

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