NetFace Version II


On this demo version there is NO arexx support,
Or Keyboard Shortcuts. And several 15 secound delays.

NetFace is completely written in C and does not require any
additional Libraries or Fonts. But at the moment it does
require WBRun (included) to be in your C: directory and RX
and WaitForPort to be copied from your Arexx: directory
into your C: directory.

NetFace was written as a utility so that I could easily start
and stop AmiTCP without having to type commands at the shell.

I wrote this because i could not find a small easy too config'er
and change the configs quickly and easily without having too
install the whole package again.

This version of NetFace allows the user to

- Start/Stop AmiTCP

- Connect/Disconnect

Providing that you are using scripts for these functions.

And Run the following types of programs -

Mail, News, FTP, WWW, IRC, NewsBrowser, GetNews.

And with an enclosed script (PrepNews)unbatch any NewsBatches
(NewsBatch or NABatch) and then load your newsreader.

The Check4Mail is a configable command for finger to check
if you have any mail waiting to be collected/sent to you
from your internet server.

These programs can be started by just clicking on a button,

Or by using the hotkeys.

Their is also a total of 2 user defineable buttons
that you can add a function's of you choice. 

A status window, shows you what programs you have used,
And a second listview for the output of these programs.

==== Program only Archive contents ====


Download Program NetFaceII

Download SAS Source for NetFaceII

Same as above but this version has the Arexx Port and working Zoom button.

Download SAS Source for NetFaceIIb

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