NetFace Version 1


NetFace is an program which allows control of AmiTCP (Extra programs)
through an easy to use Gui.

This package also allows various applications to be run by clicking on
the relevant buttons.

This was written by myself with help from fellow Amiga users.

I wrote this application so that I could easily start and stop AmiTCP
without having to resort to typing commands at the shell or having to
set up a menu on my toolbar.

This version of NetFace allows the user to

Start/Stop AmiTCP.
Link Up/Down.
Run Elm.
Run GRn.
Run Gui-Ftp.
Run Newsagent.
Run AMosiac.
Run Gopher.
Run Grapevine.
Transfer News items.
Unbatch & Trim news items. (Prepnews)
Check for waiting Mail & News item waiting to be sent.

These programs can be started by just clicking on a button,

Download Program NetFace

Download SAS Source for NetFace

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