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All you guitarists and transcribers know how it is don't you? You know a song tuning, a few notes or that crucial riff but you can't work out the rest of the song. This is the section for you! Pick up where someone else left off with these part transcriptions and short playing notes.

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Cooksferry Queen-Played in DADGBE at capo three, with a very similar style to Turning of the Tide. Play in F (D at third fret). [Rich Kendrick]
Taking my business elsewhere-So far it seems to be in A minor with an intro of bass lines: Am - C - Bm - D with triads played on the top three strings. After that I get lost. I have been trying this in standard tuning, but for the live recording I'm pretty sure he's using a capo. Since he goes right into I Feel So Good following this song, I was wondering if he uses the dropped D with capo on the fourth fret, as you indicated on your site. My latest hunch is that it is in standard tuning but with the capo on fret V. This enables the low A on the 6 string. I've figured out the four triads over the four intro chords: A bass c / a flat / e C bass c / a flat e B bass a / f / d E bass a / f / d and then into who knows where. []

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