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Many people will no doubt say that it is incredibly sad to be interested in the musical set-up that Thompson uses in concert and on albums. Nevertheless, as loyal fans (and musicians / guitarists) we just have to know! For that reason, this section archives information about RT's current setup and technique, obtained from interviews and observations.

Acoustic guitar, February 2001-General Acoustic Guitar article about RT's gear.
Neumann Web Site, 30th August 1999-An article about RT's choice of microphones on the current tour. Great article!
www.salon.com interview, August 1999-Extracts from an interview with salon.com about RT's guitar technique.
Guitar player November 1999-An article outlining the Mock Tudor setup and RT's current string choice, and gear choice when on tour.
www.salon.com interview, 1996-Extracts from an interview with salon.com about RT;s guitar technique
Guitar: The Magazine June 1996-Discussion of You? Me? Us? equipment. Some interesting guitars mentioned that RT would not usually be associated with.
Guitar Player June 1996-Discussion centering around the equipment that RT uses when on the road.
Patrick Humphries Biography (published 1996)-A short listing of guitars previously owned by RT.
Mix, June 1994-Small segment taken from an article reprinted by Hokey Pokey about RT's guitar collection
Wester Massachusetts Valley Advocate, 17 Mar 94-
Some discussion about recording Mirror Blue

Guitar: The Magazine February 1994-Thompson's directory: A general article about RT's guitar collection and the equipment used on Mirror Blue.
Guitar Player November 1993-Discussion of recording techniques used on "Mirror Blue."
Guitar Player September 1991-Interview with RT on Recording techniques and guitars / amplification used on "Rumour and Sigh"

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