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The polls were a fairly recent idea of mine. If nothing else, they prove that people are actually visiting the site! And all feeback is good feedback! As such, there are very few polls currently here.

December poll result
Are you an RT groupie? Does RT think that you are stalking him? This month, the RT TAB Archive, wants to know: Approx, how many times in the last year have you been to see Richard Thompson?

  • Just the once- 16 entries
  • About 2 - 4 times - 22 entries
  • About 5 - 10 times - 4 entries
  • 10+ - no entries
  • Not at all this year- 12 entries

November poll result
RT is recognised as a great musician. This month, the RT TAB Archive, wants to know: What area of RT's musical ability do you think is the strongest?

  • His acoustic playing - 8 entries
  • His electric playing - 3 entries
  • His songwriting - 15 entries
  • His live presence - 7entries
  • Other - 4 entries

October poll result
As RT releases new material, that many people believe to be as good as any he has released to date, the RT TAB Archive wants to know: What period of RT's music do you think is best?

  • With Linda - 7 entries
  • Solo - 33 entries
  • Other - 1 entry
  • Fairport - 2 entries
September poll result
RT has just recently released his first full band recording in three years, entitled Mock Tudor." The first RT TAB archive poll asked: Mock Tudor, Do you think that it's any good?
  • Yes - 80 entries
  • No - 1 entry
  • I can't decide - 5 entries
  • Haven't heard it yet - 9 entries


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