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27th March 2001
A minor update with some new details about songs and albums on the "About the songs" page. A few tweaks and additions in terms of transcriptions. But nothing major!

28th February 2001
A long overdue Acoustic Guitar article on RT's current gear has been added and a new version of my CD audio tradelist available. There's also a couple of minor tweaks on some of the page! Don't forget that the rtguitar mailing list is now active and open to the public. Join a group of likeminded fans discussing RT's guitar technique. To sign-up, send a blank email to:

21st January 2001
Just a few small updates again this time: I misunderstood has an additional bit (Thanks Magnus). Also Old man inside a young man (Thanks Stephen) Full Transcriptions of:
Taking my business elsewhere (Thanks Phil!)
I feel so good (Thanks to Nigel for the umpteenth time!)

12th November 2000
Just a small update today. A version of Small Town Romance and some more stuff in the About the songs section.

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