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I know that this is not an extensive list of RT sites so if you want your site listed then email me the URL. I'll also consider adding sites that have some form of relevance with RT:

RT Links
Official RT site-Site will be online mid March apparently! Launching with an official live recording from the Mock Tudor tour
Richard Thompson for Completists-A great site. Loads of really great archived info as well!!
Two left Feet-This site easily ranks as my favourite RT site on the 'net at the moment. As a site it offers unique archived Richard Thompson content in the form of an impressive collection of reviews obtained from the RT list over the last few years. A truly wonderful resource! Visit it now.
Henry the human fly caught in the web-Designed and hosted by Shane Youl, this was the first RT site to appear on the web and is still one of the most extensive.Shane was noice enough to let me use his album cover scans as well!
Deesign-A site from the designer of the official RT list teeshirt. Not a lot of content really (although looking at the mugshots of the people on the list can be quite amusing), but she does seem to be the source for up to date tour and album information.
Fledging records-This site is a great stepping stone to biographies of many other excellent recording artists. Check out that fabulous site design as well!!

Other links
The Terry Kendrick Website-A business website. Email him for further information.

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