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Invisible means
(with John French, Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser)
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(P) & 1990 Demon Records
Produced by Henry Kaiser
1 Peppermint Rock (Thompson)
2 To the Rain (French)
3 Lizard's Tail (Frith)
4 March of the cosmetic Surgeons (Thompson)
5 Suzanne (French)
6 Quick Sign (Frith)
7 Begging Bowl (Thompson)
8 Kalo Takariva (Kaiser)
9 Invisible Means (Adams/French)
10 Loch Lomond (Public Domain)
11 The Book of Lost Dreams (Kaiser)
12 Days of our lives (Kaiser/Salazar)
13 The Evening News (French)
14 The Nearsighted Heron (Kaiser)
15 Now that I am Dead (Blair/French)
16 Hunting Sunsets (Frith)
17 Killing Jar (Thompson) | .txt


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