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I am the webmaster. I am Rich Kendrick. Currently working on a years industrial placement in the industrial dump known as Harlow, Essex. Studying a four year sandwich degree in Computing (Networks and Communications), although surprisingly, 'm not really a naturally techy sort of person!! It goes without saying that I'm a guitarist. You really don't need to know that much more about me though.

I'm actively trading in RT (and other live) stuff at the moment and so here's my trade list. There's not much there, but let me know if you're interested in anything.

People keep asking me what sort of music I listen to, so here's a litle look at some of my current favourites. Although not the whole picture it gives a fairly good cross-section of what I'm currently interested in. It's a fairly long list I'm afraid! Last updated: 13th September 1999

1. Favourite albums of all time (these will always be amongst my faves!):
1. Tom Petty-Wildflowers-Undoubtedly my favourite album of all time.
2. Travis-Good Feeling-A really rocking debut album from one of my favourite bands. You've got to love those Scottish bands haven't you? If I was to suggest that someone buys one album, then this would be it!
3. Allan Taylor-Lines-First heard Allan Taylor at the Cleethorpes Folk Festival in 1995. This album was one of many that I bought at the festival and is possibly the only one that I still listen to!
4. RT-Mirror Blue-This album has came in for a lot of critiscm, but I still think that it is RT's best to date. It's certainly different but a proper RT fan is not scared of change.
5. Snow Patrol-Songs for Polarbears-I first "discovered" Snow Patrol when they supported Travis on tour.
6. Ruth-Harrison-I saw Ruth play in a small Sheffield pub by accident last year, and ended up buying this album before it had been commercially released. Their sound is probably best described by Ben Folds Five meets Madness.
7. Oasis-Definately Maybe-Easily one of the best albums of the last twenty years.
8. Terrorvision-How to make friends and influence people-A really rocking album from those Bradford boys. This is undoubtedly best listened to at a VERY loud volume.
9. Loudon Wainwright-More love songs-Possibly not the great Loudo's best album but certainly my favourite.
10. RT-Sunnyvista-Another RT album that has come in for a lot of criticism but I honestly don't think that you can beat the songwriting or production on this album. How can you knock such fabulous songs as Sisters, Lonely Hearts, Why do you turn your back?, Sunnyvista and Civilisation?
11. Sheryl Crow-The Globe Sessions-A really good relationship break-up album in my opinion!
12. Little Feat-Sailin' Shoes-A truly great album!
13. Loudon Wainwright-The BBC sessions-Loudo at his best. One man and his acoustic guitar.

2. Also currently playing on the stereo a.k.a work avoidance music! (Most of these just missed out on the first category):
1. Snow Patrol-Starfighter pilot single
2. John Martyn-Solid Air
3. Stereophonics-Words comes around
4. Bob Dylan-Time out of mind
5. Travis-The man who
6. Sneaker Pimps-Becoming X
7. Loudon Wainwright-Social Studies
8. Garbage-G
9. Debussy-Favourite Debussy
10. Van Morrison-Moondance
11. Semisonic-Secret smile single
12. Spin Doctors-Turn it upside down
13. RT-Rumor and sigh
14. RT-Celtshmerz
15. Loudon Wainwright-Therapy
16. The Presidents of the U.S.A-First album

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