Norfolk UFO Network (NUFON) was formed in the Spring of 1998 by a handful of UFO investigators, to encourage the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon in Norfolk. We have two inter-linked roles: research & investigations, as well as promoting the public perception of the subject.

In the past five years Norfolk has been a hot bed for UFO activity. With so many reports being reported we need to be sure that our investigators are able to research such cases to a very high standard. All our investigators have to participate in a rigorous training course.

Most sightings of 'UFO' can be identified. According to recent figures 95% of reports turn out to have rational explanations. These are 'IFOs' - Identified Flying Objects. But their remains a good collection of sightings, by credible witnesses who report seeing objects which cannot possibly be explained rationally.

NUFON is a voluntary, non-profit making society. All profits will be used to aid investigations or research projects. By joining NUFON you can be trained to investigate sightings or assist in research work on past cases from our archives.

We encourage anybody who has had a UFO related encounter to contact us. Whether it is a light in the sky or a close up encounter with a flying triangle in broad daylight. We will assign one of our trained investigators to research the case. Our investigators follow a strict code of conduct.

The network does not subscribe to any particular theory relating to the subject.

Membership to NUFON is open to anyone who has a genuine and non-cultist/spiritual interest in the phenomenon. Click here for more information on how to join NUFON.

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