The Broads Video

The Norfolk Broads are an international renowned tourist attraction. On October 23, 1993 three fishermen where unloading their equipment, when they noticed a strange light. Within a few minutes they had captured a remarkable piece of video footage.

Norfolk UFO Flap - November 1995

During early November 1995 the local papers published a number of articles relating to UFO sightings. During the 'flap' a very interesting piece of video footage surfaced.

The Wash Sightings

During early October 1996 North Norfolk was plagued with UFO sightings. Reports came from numerous people including police officers, pilots, the coastguard and radar operators.

The Case of David Spoor

During August and September 1997, David Spoor of Oulton Broad, Nr. Lowersoft captured a number of UFO sightings on his home video camera. There has been great interest in the case, from many different people.

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