During early October 1996 North Norfolk was plagued with UFO sightings. Reports came from numerous people including police officers, pilots, the coastguard and radar operators. On Monday, October 7, 1996 the following article appeared in the 'Eastern Evening News'.

Mystery Lights: Were They UFOs?
by Andy Rivett-Carnac and Andrew Stronach.

MYSTERIOUS bright lights in the sky were today being investigated by the Ministry of Defence to see if they posed a threat to national security.

The MoD said it was taking seriously several sightings of two large unexplained objects hovering in the skies above the Wash.

Mystified personnel at RAF Neatishead, near Wroxham, spent hours tracking the lights of the UFOs, sighted over Boston on Saturday.

And coastguards at Great Yarmouth was kept busy co-ordinating reports from police, shipping, and RAF.

Nigel Sergeant, spokesman for the MoD, said today : "We don't know what they are. We are investigating to see weather they are a threat to our security."

Skegness police called the coastguard 3.14am on Saturday after seeing a number of objects flashing in the sky, they later took video footage of UFOs.

Bostan police also reported a light in the sky.

Flt Lt Keith Sweatman, of RAF Neatishead said: "The number of independent reports we have had suggest there is something to follow up. "We will be investigating the matter thoroughly and we are already collating all the information we have."

Sightings later came to from a tanker and a civilian aircraft and two military radar stations verified 'strange' traces.

The UFOs were described by witnesses as large, a mile up in the sky, and with blue, white, red and green flashing lights.

A spokesman for Skegness police said: "We had calls overnight which suggested a large bright object over the coast. In the past, sightings like this have been either a plane or a weather balloon"

But Yarmouth Coastguard records show a force four wind was blowing at the time. The objects were monitored in the same positions for at least seven hours.

The objects did not carry transponders, the electronic equipment which gives out a signal identifying civil or military aircraft.

Witnesses reported no aircraft in the area. Military radar reported no aircraft, civil or military, in the area apart from the civilian flight which reported 'strange lights.'

Military officials said late on Saturday morning that no airforce planes had been scrambled to investigate as the object were not seen as a threat.

But a military jet was seen heading up the Norfolk coast towards the area at 9am on Saturday.

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