During August and September 1997, David Spoor of Oulton Broad, Nr. Lowersoft captured a number of UFO sightings on his home video camera. There has been great interest in the case, from many different people. Below is an article taken from the 'Eastern Daily Press' of October 4, 1997.

Mystery sightings baffle UFO experts
By Helen Ashworth

Images caught on camcorder from a back garden in the Broads are at the centre of the region's latest UFO mystery.

The bright objects, spotted darting through the night near Lowestoft, have sparked interest from experts who say they are some of the most extraordinary ever seen.

They were filmed by David Spoor, of Oulton Broad, who first spotted a cylinder-shaped object with flashing lights descending slowly from the sky at twilight.

He said: "I looked up when I went out into the garden and this thing was just there."

The object moved slowly towards the ground, before speeding up and then vanishing.

"I thought at first it might be a secret test aircraft or something, but at times it just hovered and it was completely noiseless. It was a bit unnerving."

He has since captured several more images from the garden. Twice he has seen unidentified objects which flash for several minutes before disappearing, but the most eerie image appeared just over a week ago.

"It was a triangular-shaped saucer just hanging in the sky which looked almost luminous. It made me quite nervous," said Mr Spoor who is determined to keep an open mind.

"There is something out there but who knows what?" he said.

Norwich airport and RAF stations could not explain the mystery appearance of the cylinder object on August 19, and both said they had no aircraft flying at that time.

UFO experts say the pictures recorded by Mr Spoor.are out of this world.

Norfolk artist David Dane, who has been studying the UFO phenomenon for around 30 years, said: "These pictures are extraordinary. They clearly show an unidentified flying object.

"We are familiar with most aircraft flying around East Anglia but this hovers, makes no noise, and the light formations are amazing."

The cylinder image is also being analysed by experts including the editor of UFO Magazine, Graham Birdsall.

He said: "Provisional analysis shows this to be an extremely interesting object. Strobe lighting around the outside of it appears to be detached from the main body."

"It is an unconventional object and extremely unusual, but it could still have been constructed by earthly powers."

The sightings are the latest in a series of UFO mysteries across the region.

In 1995, an object which looked like a biscuit with two bites out of it was filmed above Mile Cross, Norwich.

And last October a Defence Ministry investigation was launched after lights were seen off Yarmouth.

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