Hi, "ALL SAINTS" is a new group so most people don't know a lot about them so I'm going to tell you as much as I know. First I will show you who they are and what there names are.

First there is Melanie Blatt age 22 Then Nicole Appleton age 22 And natalie Appleton age 23 And last but not least Shazney Lewis age 21. Now I will tell you some info.

Shazney used to suck her thumb!

Nat was in grange hill !

Mell went to school with baby spice!

Mell sets off allarms at airports!

Nic is a duvet magician!

You may already know but Nic and Nat are sisters!

All saints have a great new song out it's called "I know wherre it's at" is out August 18. I give it 10 out of 10 define.


Shazney and Mel started the group. Mel had gone to school with Nic and Nat for 10 years when her dad bumped into Nic on the street - he told her to leave her job and join the band . They all have mussical backgrounds - they've never wanted to do anything else.